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3 days4.4.2r6HEADmasterAndreas Monzner13-3317/+1705
- fixed memory leak for hls streams - added support for ID3-ADTS-AAC audio live streams (used in ZDF live streams) - eFileMonitor: fixed hangups on destroy - eFileMonitor: handle multiple watches on single dir/file - eFileMonitor: disabled log spam by default and add a usage setup switch to enable it again - TimerSanityCheck: fixed possible bug seen in crashlog (TypeError: range() integer end argument expected, got float. - fixed possible epgcache deadlock - fixed alpha channel for svg pictures - optimized SatelliteEquipmentControl lock handling to fix sometimes lost unlocks which caused endless sec lock/unlock loops - Default/Default-FHD skins: update
4 days4.4.2r5Andreas Monzner1-2/+2
- fallback to white foreground color for text subtitles when missing in skin - some HLS/Dash improvements - don't write to mediadb when disabled in menu 4.4.2r4 - fixed crashes caused by broken media database after update from 4.4.2r2 to 4.4.2r3 (update from 4.4.2r1 to 4.4.2r3 was no problem...)
4 days4.4.2r3Andreas Monzner4-416/+77
- fixed media db crashes
2020-02-144.4.2r2Andreas Monzner16-144/+548
- added trickmodes (ffw/rwd/slowmo) for amlogic platforms (kernel/driver update required) - improved trickmodes in timeshift mode - fixed potential sync issues (broken PTS extraction when DTS & PTS are available) - fixed exif related crashes - fixed issues when skipping through http streams (servicemp3) - eServiceStream improvements - webm support - subtitle support - cookie support - improve hls/dash compatibility - updated translations - removed pixmaps from skin_default.xml to avoid having them preset "everywhere"
2019-11-234.4.2r1Andreas Monzner2-2/+2
- fixed possible segfault on startup - added new font for virtual keyboard - added missing imports to Components.TemplatedMultiContentComponent (thx to dre)
2019-11-19enigma2: 4.4.2r0Andreas Monzner23-132/+252
- CEC: fixed some (popular) TV's only turning off every second time - fixed some autores issues - added video sync mode selection to AV Setup (Slow Motion, Hold First Frame, Black Screen) - ScanSetup: fixed recently introduced crash on DVB-C transponder search - fixed broken UP navigation in Grid-Lists - fixed some potential crashes Developers: - skins/ConfigList: - seperation has now been properly renamed to "separation", seperation still works (for backwards compatibility - added "listFontKeyboard" so the keyboard can have it's own font - added eLongreader and eUnsignedLongLongreader - eServiceStream: improved compatibility with dash/hls streams, implement some missing events (evEOF, evVideoTypeReady, sVideoType, sAudioType
2019-10-094.4.1r18Andreas Monzner217-1806/+2753
- only allow skipping forward/backward with number buttons for amlogic based STBs... no fast winding yet - fixed progressive/interlaced and framerate detection - prevent "[eAudioPlayback] Unhandled samplerate: -1" spam on DVB services with AAC Audio - fixed broken "eServiceEvent::getBeginTimeString" (broken since 4.4.1r17 - allow to use getNimSlotInputName as demod description even for tuners with only one hardware input connector (One Combo) - some improvements/fixes for new HLS/Dash service - some python changes for easier migration to python3
2019-08-234.4.1r17Andreas Monzner31-2034/+1665
* Support Dreambox One with Combo Tuner * Some Minor HbbTV fixes * Fix GraphicalMultiEPG Setup screen * Improve stream playback * Improve skipping for "Multmedia" Services (eServiceMP3) * Add Inverto IDLU-UST110-CUO40-32P to the list of unicable devices * Add configurabe on/off Pixmaps for all existing "ConfigBoolean" derivatives. Add the something like the following in the "<listboxcontent>" section of your skin (see default skin) <config onPixmap="skin_default/switch_on.svg" offPixmap="skin_default/switch_off.svg" size="30,16"/> Developer / Experts * Fix reboot to rescue * Fix image prescale handling for libjpegturbo * Fix blending issues in eListbox and it's selectionZoom * Converter.TemplatedMultiContent: add missing import for MultiContentEntryTextAlphaBlend * Screens.Menu: allow plugins to pass a menu description as 5th argument of the list * eLabel: fix wrong background color when rendering onto dedicated buffer * fixed initial buffering for TS and non TS streaming and add menu entries to change the buffering time (default is 500ms now), setBufferSize call is a noop now and replaced by setBufferDuration * eAudioPlayback: allow to install a PCM callback * Change the way audio playback is handled (eAudioPlayback) * print stack trace when when mainloop is beeing blocked Experimental: * Add highly experimental version of a new DASH/HLS playback service written form scratch.
2019-07-154.4.1r16Andreas Monzner1-4/+4
- reverted change (eLabel: fix blending issues (always use dedicated pixelbuffer)) this change caused some FHD skin problems (ge2d timeouts), need more investigation later - fixed video screenshots - fixed crash in inputdevice setup when change repeat or delay
2019-07-134.4.1r15Andreas Monzner2-5/+7
- hbbtv video player fixes - fixed possible Alsa Output crash - eListbox: don't react when attributes are re-set to current value - ignore hdmitx hpd events when in idle mode
2019-07-074.4.1r13Andreas Monzner12-37/+56
- fixed audio only playback (broken since 4.4.1r12) - added support for 24bit PCM (fixes playback of HQ FLAC audio) - more stable audio track changes, skipping forward/backward and pause 4.4.1r14 - fix missing audio for some streaming services - improve video screenshot handling (requires new drivers) - improve several initial setup guide steps - reenable timezone step (fixed a crash) - improve last-step workflow - reword firmware upgrade step - skip network services step when no technology is activated - eListbox - fix ConfigContent headers not using the full width - internal changes for improved future ABI compatiblity - eLabel: fix blending issues (always use dedicated pixelbuffer) - redirect gstreamer log output to enigma2's async log - servicemp3: change level of some gstreamer log messages - disable hdmi output in idle mode (dreamone)
2019-06-274.4.1r12Andreas Monzner2-3/+36
- working on screenshot support (no HEVC yet) - fixed pause for media playback - fixed deadlocks caused by broken audio streams - fixed DVB subtitles on SD services - fixed skipping forward/backward on live audio/video streams
2019-06-224.4.1r11Andreas Monzner6-1/+35
- fixed several scaling problems - fixed service searching (broken since 4.4.1r10) - added core function and skin converter to query and show currently used video codec - prepare for screenshots (driver and kernel update needed)
2019-06-214.4.1r10Andreas Monzner19-51/+493
- fixed missing audio after service change - fixed broken SPDIF passthrough - added possibility to stop and close alsa audio devices - optimized enigma2 internal showiframe function (dr.bests videodb is using this) - adjusted default skin (following the changes described in Skins & UI) - fixed crash in SetupGuide - reworked frontprocessor flasher for dreambox one Skins & UI - added "global skin variables" that can be used to define "global" position and size values. Example: <globals> <value name="infobar_pos" value="0,540" /> </globals> - eSlider (progress): add and handle foregroundColor/backgroundColor attributes - ChoiceList/ParentalControlList componentSizes: add pixmapX and pixmapY - eListbox (lists) - ConfigContent: seperation is now a hard limit, allow multi-line config list entries and values instead (only if line height is >= fontSize*2) - MultiContent: add SCALE_STRETCH and SCALE_FILL for pixmaps - add selectionZoom (method setSelectionZoom) - Zooms the currently selected item by a factor (for skin use: selectionZoom="1.1", for 110% of original size) - add mode="vertical|horizontal|grid" for defining the render type - add margin="<horizontalMargin>,<verticalMargin" to add a global margin to the list (adjust to match your selectionZoom) Others - refactored, cleanuped, generalized and fixed EGL/GLES handling (GL Widgets are now usable in a stable manner) - speeded up blitting when using constant alpha on ge2d (dreambox one) - don't try operating a non-existing display - enabled generation of method signature comments for eLCD / eDboxLCD in
2019-06-214.4.1r9: version included in first dreamone imageAndreas Monzner100-1793/+6176
2019-05-10LICENSE: Update company nameAndreas Oberritter1-6/+6
2019-04-274.3.2r5Andreas Monzner15-70/+109
- create backtraces and crashlogs already during the initialization of enigma2 - updated default favourites - allow to explicitly ignore unused actions to avoid debug output warnings - SoftwareManager: fixed WHERE_SOFTWAREMANAGER handling - unicables.xml: added Dura-Sat DUR-line UK119 - eServiceURI: implemented "setResolvedName" - EventView: fixed item duplication in EventView Plugin Blue-Hook - ChannelSelectionDisplaySettings: fix handling of /data for small picons - updated translations - SoftwareManager.Updatecheck: fix value of next update check timestamp when it would actually be in the past - don't crash when SoftwareManager is missing - fixed possible crash caused by excessive usage of pictures with alpha channel
2019-03-094.3.2r4Andreas Monzner9-19/+230
- check and inform for available ble adapter updates - more work on broken eslider/eprogress - fixed bug that the last log message was not output on a bsod - EpgSelection/EventView/Channel: Add Plugin Hooks with matching signature (you can group them in a single where= WHERE_...) - Red in ChanneList, grouping plugins and "All" into a submenu if there is any plugin bound to the hook - Red/Blue in EpgSelection with type SINGLE - Blue in EventView
2019-02-194.3.2r3Andreas Monzner5-2/+17
- fixed broken epg next query - eslider fixes
2019-02-184.3.2r2Andreas Monzner30-262/+708
- updated translations - InputDeviceManager - rework/cleanup UI - rework paring process - drop PIN pair in favor of simply using OK on a selected device - fixed reversed MAC addresses - fixed false negatives in firmware-presence-check on boxes having a crowded boot process - added Source/Converter for Input Device Battery/RSSI Text and Progress, with "session.InputDevice" as global source Example for Progress: """ <widget source="session.InputDevice" render="Progress" position="145,55" size="70,6" pixmap="skin_default/progress.png" backgroundColor="grey" transparent="1" zPosition="1"> <convert type="InputDeviceInfo">rssi</convert> </widget> <widget source="session.InputDevice" render="Progress" position="145,88" size="70,6" pixmap="skin_default/progress.png" backgroundColor="grey" transparent="1" zPosition="1"> <convert type="InputDeviceInfo">batteryLevel</convert> </widget> """ - SleepTimer: rework by Sven H. - Streaming: Add AIT to streaming services (for HbbTV over Partnerbox) - Browser: fixed flicker while rendering - NetworkManager: added timeserver configuration - Plugin-Icon support for skinners (by - fixed GUI lag on streaming-service zapping - fixed issue with blending in FullHD skins (change framerate from 60FPS to 50FPS) - FHD skin updates - CeC: added amazon vendor id - TempFanControl: added update by gutemine (FHD skin, easier extensibility) - eDBusInterface/dreamboxctl: added getDuration() (required for latest plaincast) - and more fixes here and there.... - group identical debug messages by appending "(%d times)" instead of repeating them - prevent "unhandled POLLERR/HUP/NVAL for fd" log spam
2018-10-024.3.2r1Andreas Monzner57-352/+1739
* Unicable: Add Spaun SUS 41 FX. Mark all Spaun UniSEqC switches as unicable 2 compatible. * Softwaremanager: Add automatic update checks (optional) * Improve help dialog for "ConfigSets" like the SCR selection for FBC Tuners by using the new horizontal listbox * Add support for Dreambox Bluetooth Remote Control (Wizard, (dis)connection, haptic feedback, LED color) * Add Radio mode to main menu * Smoother animations (more about this in the developers section) * Add .txt support to ServiceEvent - as suggested by - see below for examples * Fix crash on satfinder/rotor plugin (rare) * Fix mixed up languages in event description (rare) * Fix initial seek to 0 when meta file is missing * Fix missing subtitles on some channels * Fix some hardcoded strings (-> make them translatable) * Fix crash in Browser menu when cookies have invalid dates * Fix/Workaround some ChannelContextMenu/MovieContextMenu overlap issues (set IS_DIALOG=False again) * Fixes for the MediaDatabase (add reset option, fix multiple issues) * Numerous other fixes and cleanups Developers: * New input device "dreambox remote control (bluetooth le)" * Fallback to "dreambox advanced remote control (native)" when there is no specific keymap for "dreambox remote control (bluetooth le)" * Converter.EvenTime/ServicePosition: don't start when suspended * EPGCache: fix missing stop signal when nothing was found * eListBox * Add "Grid" mode (see the twitch plugin on opendreambox/enigma2-plugins for a working example) * Add "Horizontal" mode (see Screens.ConfigSetHelpDialog) * Add TYPE_TEXT_ALPHABLEND for alphablending blending text+background in listboxes(see twitch) * Add horizontal scrollbar (using eSlider) * ePixmap: add scale type "fill": always fills the target pixmap. Keeps the source aspect by cutting one axis (only if source aspect != target aspect) * Graphics Subsystem (GDI) * Reintroduce triple buffering including a frame limiter that defaults to ~60fps * Sync animation timestamps for all windows and widgets (smoother animations when used together with triple buffering) * GLES: add a depth-buffer fix for ServiceEvent txt format examples (skip the -------------------------- in the real files) -------------------------- 1 - -------------------------- title=Some movie that ain't that good duration=8086 (not intel!) long-description=You should save your time and watch something else instead! -------------------------- 2 - My.favorite.series.txt -------------------------- title=Best seasons ever short-description=Eternity duration=3000 long-description=This episode is epic!
2018-05-144.3.1r28Andreas Monzner21-42/+142
- EPG - Add workaround for broken RTL-Group EPG - Don't return original event on similar event search - Fix playback of some UHD mkvs - Fix subtitles for UHD content - Fix bludisc playback - Fix potential crash on resolution change - Fix graphics memory being leaked when playing back multiple files with subtitles - Add Technirouter 5/1x16 to list of unicable devices - Fix some issues with eMediaScanner and eMediaDatabase - UI/Skins - force subtitles behind ChannelList, undo skinned zPosition for subtitles - fade background for Movie/Channelist context menus - drop explicit zPosition for ChannelSelection - update Default FHD skin - MediaPlayer/Center/Renderer: add "cover.jpg" to list of cover arts - StreamServerControl: fix range check of video/audio bitrates - RecordTimer: Log when target directory does not exist - Fix downloader for TLS-SNI secured content
2018-03-204.3.1r27Andreas Monzner1-3/+1
- fixed segfault caused by streamserver on enigma2 startup - fixed crash on opening movielist
2018-03-204.3.1r26Andreas Monzner20-391/+568
- added new streamserver - keymap.xml: update keyboard bindings again - Screens.TimerEdit: simplified and fixed timer list handling (fixed broken cursor position after cleanup) - added /data/picon* to picon path selection - fixed teletext subtitle colors - fixed long time bug caused by spinner loading on enigma2 start - CEC: fixed physical address related handling (this maybe fixes input selection issuses after cold boot) - added HideZero option to ServicePosition for suppressing "-00:00" output - skin_default_1080: minor updates by zombi - add handling for deadlocks on startup - blindscan: - add workaround for driver bug - fixed broken blinscan with Si216x2 after range scan - add handling for invalid blits (sourceArea cannot have width/height zero (happens in edge cases)) - draw only 1/4 of the circle for each corner in rounded-label - Converter/ServiceInfo: re-add evVideoSizeChanged to "Framerate" interesting events to fix not visible framerate on first service start - fixed position gauge misalignment after creation - Default-FHD: put back some values to default-fhd for backwards compat with some plugins
2018-02-10enigma2: 4.3.1r25Andreas Monzner11-4703/+5505
- Default-FHD skin: - move pretty much all skin data to skin_default_1080.xml to make use of the new resolution specific default skins - add streamserver config - update AudioGUI and AudioPlayer skins (by zombi) - added skin_default_<res> handling for resolution specific default skins - skin_default_1080: - add EPGSearch - add a bunch of plugin skins - VirtualKeyBoard: implement NumericalTextInput (like NTIVirtualKeyBoard in enimga2-plugins does) - fixed: FATAL: lib/dvb/pmt.cpp:1731 ASSERTION num_demux == 1 FAILED! on dm920 - fixed broken DVB-subtitles since 4.3.1r24 - added accel memory alloc/dealloc debug output and add a option to configure it via usage setup - added ServiceInfo converter option "VideoParams" to show a info like "720p50, 1080p50, 1080i50" - added evVideoProgressiveChanged and evVideoFramerateChanged to CurrentService Source - fixed wrong movie name in movieplayer dialog shown on TV key press
2018-01-314.3.1r24Andreas Monzner37-286/+825
- Movie Player: - Rework "leave" dialog: add some new options, improve wording - Delete related timer when deleting file - Add "package restore wizard" for restoring all or some packages that have been installed before restoring settings from recovery - Add DCT Delta MSU 401/2-16K Unicable/JESS switches - Fix InfoBar buttons when the RC-Type is changed at runtime - Fix Picons for DVB-T/T2, correctly return default picture for unknown services - VideoEnhancement: add option for color temp - Fix crashing service information for DVB-T - Improve Spinners (thx to bit) - Skin updates (Media Renderer, MediaCenter, ...) - Hide NotificationQueueViewer for now - Fix pts calculation for subtitle and teletext pes parser - Fix demux allocation when switching from live to pvr channel with only one demux - Fix NimManager.somethingConnected() - Fix some crashes and smaller issues - Do not restart UI when entering recovery mode - Allow enabling database-driven recording metadata in Settings -> System -> Customize (config.media_database.readmeta) - serveral issues with this have been fixed and we think it's now ready for public testing # For Developers: - Add DevShell plugin - an interactive python shell for testing python code in directly inside of the enigma2 runtime (including all enigma2 imports) - telnet localhost 8007 - Allow changing existing actionmaps - ConfigElement notifiers are now called in the same order they've been added - Fix issues with configElement.add/removeNotifier - ChannelSelection.zap: allow passing the "root" (required for webif zapping with proper history handling) - Components.Pixmap: call setDefaultAnimationEnabled from postWidgetCreate, not from execBegin - InfoBarInstantRecord: initialize start/stop options early - patch by dre for partnerbox functionality - Fix broken handling of "%" values for position and/or size - Converter.RemainingToText: add "OnlyMinutes" (default without the "min" text) - Allow using blend="[on|off|blend]" instead of "alphatest=..." (actual alphatesting has been replaced ages ago...) - eLabel improvements: - Properly handle alphatest="on" (allows blending labels over whats behind them, use translucent backgroundColor= values for it) - Implement cornerRadius="<radius>" (any number) - this option enforces blending, no need to manually set - thx dr. best / merlin team (compatibility for initial merlin attributes like radius= and roundedlabelColor= is given) Example: <widget name="info" position="center,80%" size="50%,20%" valign="center" halign="center" backgroundColor="#20DDDDDD" foregroundColor="#000000" zPosition="2" cornerRadius="16" /> - ePixmap: add option to fill an ePixmap with a gradient Example: <ePixmap ... gradient="<fromcolor>,<tocolor>,<vertical|verticalCentered|horizontal|horizontalCentered>" ... /> - Add skin "layouts" (use filename attribute for external xml-skin-file) - thx dr. best / merlin team * Example: <layouts> <layout name="Merlin4_Standard"> <ePixmap pixmap="Merlin4/bg/f_info.png" position="0,0" size="1280,720" transparent="0" zPosition="-1" /> <eLabel backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 22" foregroundColor="title" position="50,34" size="250,30" transparent="1" zPosition="1" /> </layout> <layout name="Merlin4_Buttons"> <ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/red.png" position="47,643" size="10,25" /> <ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/green.png" position="222,643" size="10,25" /> <ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/yellow.png" position="402,643" size="10,25" /> <ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/blue.png" position="582,643" size="10,25" /> <widget backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 18" foregroundColor="button" halign="left" name="key_red" position="65,637" size="150,40" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1" /> <widget backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 18" foregroundColor="button" halign="left" name="key_green" position="245,637" size="150,40" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1" /> <widget backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 18" foregroundColor="button" halign="left" name="key_yellow" position="425,637" size="150,40" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1" /> <widget backgroundColor="2ndbg" font="Regular; 18" foregroundColor="button" halign="left" name="key_blue" position="605,637" size="130,40" transparent="1" valign="center" zPosition="1" /> </layout> . . . </layouts> <screen name="ChannelSelection" position="0,0" size="1280,720" backgroundColor="transparent" title="Channel Selection" flags="wfNoBorder" > <layout name="Merlin4_Standard" /> <layout name="Merlin4_Buttons" /> . . . </screen> * Example for filename attribute: <layouts> . . . <layout name="Merlin4_EPG_Buttons" filename="Merlin4/epg_buttons.xml" /> . . . </layouts> * File epg_buttons.xml contains: <!-- Part of Merlin4 Skin --> <skin> <ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/red.png" position="77,623" size="10,25" /> <ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/green.png" position="257,623" size="10,25" /> <ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/yellow.png" position="437,623" size="10,25" /> <ePixmap alphatest="blend" pixmap="Merlin4/buttons/blue.png" position="617,623" size="10,25" /> </skin>
2017-12-164.3.1r23Andreas Monzner23-351/+629
- fixed crash in channel searching dialog for tuners configured to "satpos depends" - for now ignore advanced tuner score for fbc tuners - fixed crash when more than 4 satellites are configured with multiple fbc tuners - PiconResolver bugfix for DVB-T(2) workaround (thanks to spinmar) - GraphMultiEPG: added some usability improvements (thanks to LazyT) - skin updates for plugins - developers stuff: - allow to close lcd/oled device when lock is called.. so the lcd/oled can be used from outside of e2 - export eDVBDB::searchReference to python .. (helpful for DVB-T(2) epg import)
2017-12-084.3.1r22Andreas Monzner2-1113/+1113
- fixed invisible lists in wizards - fixed some menu icon paths - fixed crash when CI is used
2017-12-074.3.1r21Andreas Monzner210-1214/+6370
- Fixed crash when there are empty tuner slots - Fixed some satellite blindscan issues - Updated default TV Favorites - Fixed occasional crash on enigma2 shutdown - Updated translations - Added Default-FHD skin - Updated HbbTV to 1.5 (some of the APIs only have stub-implementations) and fix several issues (for example Pro7/Sat1 does work properly now) - Added experimental HTML5 Video support to the browser - Added central "Maximum stream resolution" setting to System/Customize (used by latest tubelib) - Removed MediaCenter from extensions menu (it's on the main menu) - For Developers - Allow use of eFileWatch from python - Added setSuburi(uri) to eServiceReference, allowing to set an explicit "subtitle" uris. This uri can also contain audio.
2017-11-074.3.1r20Andreas Monzner7-6/+17
- fixed wrong tuner score calculation when a motor is in use and transponder is changed from a satellite in the east- to the westhemisphere or vice versa - allow cable blindscan for Si2169D based tuners .. its not needed to select a cable provider in tuner configuration - use auto delivery system for terrestrial scan with Si2169D based tuners - take care of multistream capability when calculate frontend allocation score
2017-10-274.3.1r19Andreas Monzner2-4/+4
- fixed display screenshots (broken since 4.3.1r18) - enable Si2169D multistream support - whitelisted BCM45308X for auto modulation support - fixed tuner conflict detection for satpos dependend tuners - fixed a possible servicelist crash - fixed a multi input multi channel tuner bug (e.g. FBC tuner) (adding timers has affected real tuners and caused tune errors) - fixed possible errors if two recordings start exactly at the same time on different transponders
2017-10-124.3.1r18Andreas Monzner19-80/+182
- some changes for dm920 support - more tuner score calculation fixes for multi channel / multi input tuners (e.g. BCM45208) - tuner score calculation fix for motorized dishes - add support to display used tuner inputs and currently active tuner input in skins and use it for the default skin infobar - fixed osd screenshots showing backbuffer content
2017-10-044.3.1r17Andreas Monzner6-17/+22
- show the ConfigSet help dialog in tuner configuration - use smaller font for ConfigSet help dialog (needed for LNBs/switches with much SCRs) - moved Kathrein EXD unicable entries from LNB to Switch section - fixed some more issues for tuners with multiple inputs and multiple channels (e.g. BCM45208 FBC tuner)
2017-09-28enigma2: 4.3.1r16Andreas Monzner11-45/+118
- fixed handling of tuners with multiple inputs and multiple channels (e.g. FBC tuner) - allow multiple unicable sources on tuners with multiple inputs - added help dialog to ConfigSet (used for FBC Unicable SCR configuration) - added Kathrein EXD1532/2532 with all variants to unicable switch list - added skin for SatelliteEquipmentControl (thx to hk2k2) - fixed another cause for a startup-crash/race condition when spinners are not ready, yet - fixed crash on timeshift start when subtitles are currently active - added dedicated skin for Mediarenderer LCD screen (MediaRendererLCDScreen, as requested by some skinners) - fixed some issues with the new InfoBarStateInfo (stale and outdated information shown until zapping )
2017-09-014.3.1r15Andreas Monzner10-71/+254
- satellite tuner optimizations - allow configuration of multiple tuners as slave of a motorized dish (option "addition cable of motorized LNB") - fixed support for unicable LNBs on motorized dishes - allow satpos dependent tuners for unicable (same as the "slave of motorized dish option") - some internal optimizations for tuner score calculation - rework and improve service error and connection handling
2017-09-014.3.1r14Andreas Monzner5-9/+30
- fixed possible crashes on enigma2 startup - fixed some tuner config related issues - fixed subtitle force-mode switching after selecting a new subtitle track (thanks to go4dream for the hints) - AudioSelection: added TTX page to subtitle selection - small fixes for UPnP/DLNA MediaRenderer
2017-08-08enigma2: 4.3.1r13Andreas Monzner4-10/+6
- use colon as hour delimiter instead of a single point in multiepg - multiepg fixes - removed unneeded and not working combo pls scrambling support in single transponder service scan screen - dont seek twice to position 0 on start of ts playback - updated translations - added support for some new jultec jess switches
2017-08-01enigma2: update to 4.3.1r12Andreas Monzner10-6/+60
- fixed memory leak (seen on mkv playback with MP3 audio and much tags inside) - fixed motor turning when the previous transponder was in high band (22khz was enabled) - allow to override HDR10 and HLG support reported by connected AVR/TV via EDID in AV Setup - allow to disable the use of 12bit and 10bit via AV Setup... 12 bit is unneeded because no content with 12bit exists yet. - add possibility to show a HDR icon in skin via ServiceInfo Converter and "isHdr" as conversion - allow auto modulation in manual scan for BCM45208 and BCM73625(dm520x) - allow blindscan (only Symbolrates > 10Ksyms) for BCM45208
2017-07-25enigma2: 4.3.1r10Andreas Monzner4-6/+25
- fixed motor turning when one tuner is configured to "secondary cable of motorized lnb" (broken since 4.3.1r9 - DBusInterfaceProxy: close player on stop - developer stuff - fixed removeNotifier for final notifiers - small startwizard fix
2017-07-174.3.1r9Andreas Monzner21-200/+883
- some SEC and scan fixes - force valid isi id/pls code/pls mode values on bogus transponders - fixed a race condition with spinners on startup (fixes possible segfault) - added a basic DBus interface and the 'dreamboxctl' command as cli interface for it - call "dreamboxctl -h" for information on available commands - this is a first draft of the DBus interface, some feedback would be great - fixed playback of very short ts files (with meta files only)
2017-06-214.3.1r8Andreas Monzner5-13/+28
- fixed sometimes broken stored unicable SCR values in config file - fixed CEC handling on shutdown - fixed rarely broken tuner on weak input signals - add 16APSK/32APSK to ServiceScan info screen - fixed broken scaling on edge cases (broken since 4.3.1r7) - fixed alpha animation flickering - fixed wrong stored transponders - fixed crash in network manager cauased by a broken french translation - optimized rounding of frequency and symbolrate in blindscan
2017-05-23enigma2: 4.3.1r7Andreas Monzner5-12/+32
- allow to downscale with factors up to 225 - eMediaDatabase/DatabasePlaylist: allow to presizing cover arts, use 300x300 as default - fixed linked and "satpos depend" tuner handling - fixed motor turning with enabled power measurement (broken since 4.3.1r5)
2017-05-21enigma2: 4.3.1r6Andreas Monzner4-9/+10
- fixed DVB-T(2) namespace problem introduced in 4.3.1r5 - fixed satfinder crash on change from predefined to manuel transponder introduced in 4.3.1r5 - allow to input DVB-S(2) frequencies with one decimal place needed to lock transponders with very low symbol rates
2017-05-20enigma2: 4.3.1r5Andreas Monzner22-417/+266
* updated all translations to latest pootle (2017-05-18) * fixed ATSC DDP (AC3+) detection (IPTV streams) * Scan/Tuners - fixed DVB-S2 FEC selection in manual scan - fixed some issues with DVB-S2 MIS/PLS code/mode handling - show auto FEC, auto modulation, PLS, MIS settings in satfinder and positioner setup - don't show DVB-S2 PLS/MIS settings/infos when the tuner does not support it - fixed tuning on APSK16/32 transponders in some cases - fixed DVB-T(2) 5V handling for combo tuners - added "rotor turning speed in degree" option for motor-driven antennas and use it for blindscan (to avoid foreign sat locks) - allow the same service on different frequencies for DVB-T(2) (for regions with multiple transmitters in reach) - PositionerSetup: fixed crash when no transponder is tuned * CeC: added very tiny vendor handler for Philips * Movie Player: added a minimum treshold before we consider resuming playback (configurable) * fixed broken IPv6 manual configuration * fixed database based cover arts not showing up in MediaCenter/Audio * fixed crash in MediaCenter/Video when switching between movies quickly (need some feedback on this) For Developers: * eServiceReference: fixed some issues with parsing of additional headers * stop generating and using the index-meta files in favor of building a full index on (softwaremanager) startup based on all available plugin meta files - fixes issues with "external" plugins in extension manager
2017-05-01enigma2: update to 4.3.1r4Andreas Monzner6-10/+16
- fixed some listbox problems (since 4.3.1r3) - fixed crash in manual scan (since 4.3.1r3) - fixed memory leak (since 4.3.1r3) - fixed tuner config problems ... sometimes the SCR was not stored per LNB
2017-04-264.3.1r3Andreas Monzner20-81/+247
- added Durline UCP20 V2 (with different SCR frequencies) to supported unicable switches - increase unicable delay after switch command - ServiceList: refresh every full minute while open - GraphMultiEpg: fixed wrong prime time (patch from dre ... thanks!) - VirtualKeyboard: fixed layouts with more than 5 lines and add ru_RU - CeC: - minor fixes - fixed "tv power on" detection in some cases (Samsung and probably others, too) - added reset option to CeC-Setup, set's all options to default - fixed bus errors when trying to acces files on dead storage (e.g. network mounts) - fixed some issues with widget animation enabling/disabling - fixes broken "blinking" and - fixes custom animations for widgets when defaults are disabled - properly fixed issues with eListBoxPythonMultiContent and animations - raise RLIMIT_NOFILE to 8k min (soft & hard) on enigma2 startup (fixes ION-related crashes when a lot of pixmaps are being cached/held) - restate some strings
2017-04-10added missing header .. needed for cpp plugin compileAndreas Monzner1-0/+107
2017-04-10enigma2: 4.3.1r2Andreas Monzner29-443/+360
General: - fixed spinners not working in some cases - fixed teletext spamming the logfile (stuffing bytes) - mount dreambox-data partition to /data if available - look for picons in /data/picon, too - fixed display-screenshots Tuners: - fixed unavailability of network scan - fixed tuner defaults for single C/T tuners and multitype C/T tuners - fixed handling of DVB-T2 PLP IDs (fixes missing freenet-tv services) - fixed a bunch of minor usability and cosmetical flaws in tuner related dialogs - improved debug output during scan - allow auto modulation for all Si216x based frontends in manual scan Other: - NimManager: re-add deprecated "getNimType" method - ePicLoad: fixed flawed svg detection logic
2017-03-244.3.1r1Andreas Monzner113-523/+1114
- video encoder - added advanced settings for better quality with same bitrate - allow to configure number of B-Frames (0 and 2 is valid) - allow to configure number of P-Frames in range 0 .. 14 (only when no GOP length is set) - allow to set a GOP Length in range 0 to 65535 ms - allow to enable open GOP support - allow to enable "new gop on scene change" when no B-Frames are used - added more framerates - fixed frequently lost root filesystem entry in fstab - added/fixed some key mappings for CEC - added some basic snr calculation for satip-client (must be supported by the server!) - better readable debug output for SEC / frontend - switched Durline Dur-DCR5-1-8(L4/K) to Unicable 1 instead of Unicable2/JESS - take care of "use increased voltage" settings even for unicable - added on-the-fly tuner mode switching between cable/sat/terrestrial on channel change - allow to link from tuner A1 to A2 and vice versa - transponder searching - add and prefer auto modulation handling in manual scan for DVB-C when possible - add and prefer auto fec and auto modulation handling in manual scan when possible - detect ac3+ audio streams as audio streams in pat scan - take care of multi-type tuners in automatic scan - skin / OSD - fixed skin zPosition reset when none has been given as keyword-arg - use triple buffering for smoother osd - menu: use 256x256 instead of 24x24 as default size for menu svg's (this fixes heavy upscaling on png->svg fallback) - set start-up resolution to 1280x720 to match the default skin - add scale-type stretch where needed (PluginBrowser and some other places) - implement "color defined borders". - instead of "filename=" you can use "color=" and "size=" where size defines: - the height for top/bottom - the width for left/right and corners - corner height is defined by top/bottom height - example: * <pixmap pos="bpTopLeft" color="#44FF0000" size="10"/> => top left corner, transparent red, 10 pixels wide * <pixmap pos="bpTop" color="#4400FF00" size="40" /> => top border, transparent green, height 40 pixels, top corners inherit the height of 40 pixels * repeat for all borders or skip what shouldn't be around - you can mix pixmap and color based borders - color based borders would be painted atop pixmap based borders if both are defined (you could probably apply tinting to neutral and simple pixmaps using that technique) - added some options for ePixmap.setScale(...) and scale= in skins, fix code-bugs related to setScale, too (it's no immediate, some broken things have been removed) - ePixmap.SCALE_TYPE_NONE: "off" / "none" in skins - ePixmap.SCALE_TYPE_ASPECT: "on" / "aspect" in skins - ePixmap.SCALE_TYPE_CENTER: "center" in skins - ePixmap.SCALE_TYPE_WIDTH: "width" in skins - ePixmap.SCALE_TYPE_HEIGHT: "height" in skins - fixed redraw after failed mode change in VideoSetup - fixed several Widget Animation issues - fixed enabling animations when disabled at boot time - fixed display animations not working without OSD widget animations being enabled - read and use /proc/stb/lcd/colorformat if exists ... only RGB_565_LE and RGB_565_BE are supported yet, RGB_565_BE is default for 16bpp when no proc entry exists..
2017-02-224.3.0r29Andreas Monzner6-10/+23
- changed some menu PNGs to SVGs - some changes needed for external skins because of transition to menu SVGs